New Hydraulic Adaptor Blocks for client in Victoria

hydraulic block manufacturing

Wagma Engineering was enlisted to help design & manufacture some hydraulic adaptor blocks for a large injection moulding machine.

This item is used to transfer fluid power to various parts of the machine.

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New, Custom Built Orifice Plates for client in Victoria

large orifice plate manufacturing

Wagma Engineering was enlisted to manufacture a 200-150lb 15mm thick Orifice with both a vent & drain hole.

This item is used for restricting flow in its process.


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New Tie Bars for client in Victoria, Australia.

new tie bars wagma engineering

Wagma Engineering manufactures 6m Ø220mm 4140 Tie Bar nitrided in our Nitriding Furnace.

Tie Bars are used to support the Plattens in injection moulding machines.

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Custom Engineered Suction Strainer for client in South Australia.

custom engineered suction strainer wagma engineering

Wagma Engineering has again been employed to help design & manufacture a new Temporary Suction Strainer after the success of previous models.

This item is used in 350NB 1500lb pipelines.

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New Orifice Plates for client in Queensland, Australia.

new orifice plates wagma engineering

Wagma Engineering was enlisted to manufacture various orifice plates including several eccentric plates that are in their last stages of manufacturing.

This item is used changing the flow pressure for monitoring in a refinery.

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