Bayswater Engineering


Wagma Engineering
Are pleased to announce that they have aquired the engineering capabilities of Bayswater Engineering
and are  looking forward to giving the customers of Bayswater Engineering great and expanded  service that Wagma offers. 

As a concequence Bayswater Engineering has re located to:
43-45 Kalman Drive, Boronia, Melbourne, Victoria. 3155

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Repair of Pasta Extruder for client in Victoria

pasta screw repair

Wagma Engineering was enlisted by a local food manufacturer to remove a ceased screw out of barrel.

This item is used to extrude pasta.

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New, Custom Built Boat Parts for client in Victoria

boat prop shaft manufacturing

Wagma Engineering was enlisted to manufacture new propeller shaft, drive coupling & other parts by a specialist boat repair shop.

This item is used to power the large vessel through the water.

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New Smear Heads for client in Victoria

h13 smear heads manufacturing

Wagma Engineering was enlisted to manufacture H13 tool steel harden tempered & nitrided smear head assemblies as shown ready for heat treatment.

This item is used to shut off material whilst the screw shoots forward to fill die & empty shot of plastic in barrel.

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Custom Built Sample Probe for client in Victoria

petrochemical sample probe manufacturing

Wagma Engineering's client approached them to help design & manufacture this sample probe.

This item is used to sample gas in a pipeline

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